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Carretilla hambre a pie con Batería de Iones de Litio para Servicio Ligero
3,000lb lifting capacity

1.The A Series 3000lb Mini Lithium-ion Pallet Trucks are completed with the specialized industrial design of appearance. The trucks feature smooth lines an affluent sense of movement, and a compact profile, with full consideration being given to ergonomics, in accord with the latest appearance design trend.
2.They are manufactured with a large number of steel plate stamping and injection molding technologies, featuring solidness, durability, and high grade, in compliance with environmental requirements.

1.With strong power, they can satisfy the handling demand of most customers, with 6h battery life.
2.With permanent magnet travel motor, they feature excellent performance and low heat emission.
3.The latest CURTIS permanent magnet control system offers excellent, high-efficiency, and stable control performance.
4.Regenerative brake of the pallet truck prevents it from sliding on a slope.
5.Their controllers, hydraulic power packs, switches, plug connectors, and other important parts are all of renowned domestic and abroad brands.
6.The battery can be fully charged in 2 hours thanks to the fast charging technology, and life of battery cells is up to 1200 cycles.
7.High-quality and high rate battery cells, with lattice tandem & parallel combination technology, offer excellent performance.

1.Truck structure of optimized design guarantees terrific operating view of the truck.
2.With small sizes, the operation is easy, flexible and extremely convenient, and the upright-tiller running function allows it to work within confined space, such as container.
3.Standard height of fork is 80mm, and guiding device is added to facilitate access and exit of pallets (including closed-deck pallets).
4.The battery can be removed from truck side, and features small volume and light weight, and can be replaced easily and quickly;
5.Charging can be completed without removing the battery out from the truck.

1.The three-point support design is applied, and side support system is provided to guarantee safety and stability.
2.With optimized design, and lifting rod is steady and reliable, bearing small force.
3.All plug connectors are all waterproof, and all wires and cables have reliable protection, which increases reliability of electrical system significantly.
4.The cutting-edge hydraulic power unit features low noise, small vibration, and stable and reliable rising and declining.
5.Stamping molded fork has higher strength and impact resistance, with even higher working efficiency by working together with the fork-tip guiding function.
6.The interlock switch is of non-contact proximity switch, with extremely high reliability.
7.One-piece iron wheel hood offers good protection to truck body against external impact.
8.The built-in safety protection system of the battery can monitor voltage, temperature, and current of the battery in real time, and guarantee that the battery works safely.
9.The battery is placed inside the chassis, which can prevent the battery from damage because of impact.

1.Release braking, reverse braking, and emergency braking can ensure safety of traveling;
2.Anti-sliding function on slope can ensure safety of operation.
3.The emergency reversing button at top of the tiller can avoid the driver from injury effectively in case of emergency during backward driving of the truck;
4.Dual protection with electronic lifting limit and smart controller limit of standard configuration avoids impact when fork is lifted to top end of mast, offers effective protection to working motor, and guarantees safety of goods.
5.The truck goes into sleep mode automatically after 30-min standby, which is safe and energy efficient.

1.Battery indicator will prompt the user to charge the battery timely.
2.Engine cover can be opened fully, and all components and parts are clear at a glance, which is very convenient for maintenance of the entire machine.
3.All rotating shafts are equipped with lubricating sleeve and oil cup, which is convenient for maintenance and has a long service life.


Easily Swappable Battery


Ergonomic Tiller Design


Rugged, Reliable Design


The tiller’s parts are easy to replace.

  • Alternative fork lengths and widths
  • Tandem load wheel
  • PIN lock
  • Fork Width 22” distance from fork surface to ground
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