Montacargas de Alta Capacidad
44,000-55,000lb load capacity

The exterior has a family appearance and a compact and smooth style showing modern industrial aesthetics.

With the hydraulic load-sensing system to enable on-demand supply, less continuous load of the engine and less energy consumption and emissions, the work efficiency is improved significantly, and the average operation efficiency is increased by more than 15%.

An optional cloud intelligent forklift management system FIMSand intelligent remote monitoring are provided to better facilitate equipment management and logistics management.

The high-definition LCD bus instruments have bus architecture and several built-in diagnosis and management functions to enable central fault alarm, simplified operations, easy diagnosis and flexible configuration of electrical functions.

The compact integral joystick enables easy and accurate remote control. The optimized hydraulic braking curve enables smooth easy-to-control braking.

Excellent all round visibility is achieved by the overall design.


Excellent all round visibility is achieved by the overall design.


Optional imaging system with front and rear camera, increasing the safety greatly.


Battery compartment is easy to open for easy maintenance.


Suspended seat with fingertip system that can be easily adjusted to suit each customer.

  • Duplex wide-view mast
  • Hydraulic prong adjustment
  • Standard fork
  • Cabin
  • Cooling and heating air conditioner
  • Fully hydraulic power steering
  • Quadruple multi-way valve
  • Chair sensing system
  • Steering wheel adjusting device
  • Self-locking valve in the tilting fuel circuit
  • Speed limit valve in the lifting fuel circuit
  • Armrest’s multi-directional adjustment device
  • Traction device
  • Main power switch
  • Reversing radar
  • LCD bus instrument
  • Neutral indicator
  • Parking braking indicator
  • Charge indicator
  • Preheating indicator
  • Engine oil pressure alarm
  • Air filter alarm
  • Accumulator low pressure alarm
  • Hydraulic oil filter alarm
  • Oil-water separator alarm
  • Engine failure alarm
  • Vehicle LED lights
  • Water thermometer
  • Oil gauge
  • Oil temperature meter
  • Engine hour counter
  • Pneumatic tire
  • Reverse buzzer
  • Snail horn
  • Manual tipping pump
  • High-position emission device
  • Mast LED operation light
  • Vehicle toolkit
  • User specified color
  • Forks of other specifications
  • Masts of other specifications
  • Solid tire
  • Vehicle intercom
  • Reverse voice buzzer
  • Electronic alarm light (with\without a control switch)
  • Rear view system (optional with memory)
  • Front and rear view systems (optional with memory)
  • Spark arrester
  • Fire extinguisher (2kg \ 4kg)
  • Automatic fire extinguisher
  • Four-channel driving record system
  • Speed limit
  • Blue light
  • Weighing system
  • Air prefilter
  • Cab fan
  • Cab electric tipping pump
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